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Pages: Dear Employers: A Help Wanted Sign costs $2.75 [1]
Author Topic: Dear Employers: A Help Wanted Sign costs $2.75

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2011-01-25 0-24-52-

Dear Employers: A Help Wanted Sign costs $2.75 I'm tired of being burned by Job Websites. is the WORST. I've been getthing help with my job search with this one group of people but the guy I am working with seems to be more of an opportunist. For example, because he bought an I phone, he suggests that I work at a Mac Store because "He's never seen the same person work there twice." (Probably because they were FIRED.) Anyway, I wish employers would go back to using Low Tech methods for job searching. A damn "Help Wanted" sign is only $2.75 at Office Max. Is the economy that bad they can't spend $2.75 for a sign that says "Help Wanted" rather than me having to use some overhyped online form where they ask for everything under the sun including my social security number? A "Dear John" letter would be nice if I get rejected. I'm also getting tired of employers posting the same job offer every two weeks for things that I'm not qualified to do. I'm also tired of them being dishonest in those posts. For example: The beginning of a job offer says they are looking for someone with UNIX/Linux experience but at the end at the last paragraph they say they want someone with 3-5 years experience as a Windows Adminstrator. What do they want? a UNIX admin or a Windows admin? The other thing that pisses me off are all these acronyms that no one ever told me about while in school. ITSS, SLA, DPA, EDL, SAN, but mostly BS. Half of that shit I doubt I'll be using. Most of these acronyms pull up ambigous results on Google and Wikipedia. So again, who know what the hell they want. Doesn't explain to me what they are looking for. I just wanted a job down the street in my neighborhood to start out with. I didn't expect that after two year I'd still be in the same situation that I was the day after I graduated.
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2011-03-21 2-56-55-

I suggest you change your handle info to what YOU are looking for and not bitch slap a employer that might click on your handle--- "For starters"... and behind door # 2 will be the onslaught of HR propagandanista's... that have a yob and a little power and feel like they are the super elite business owner that actually does something besides market cheap labor pools.
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2011-03-27 8-11-07-

Uh, what? First of, I don't use this handle for my job search, nor is it on any of my resumes or job offers. Secondly, what the hell are you talking about?
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  • neis

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    2011-04-09 18-52-05

    U-new here?
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    2011-04-10 16-04-58

    No. And I know what to say here. Just because I have a degree in something doesn't mean I should go after any job that sounds "techie". Believe me, I've tried. I've found that most of the employers wanting those skills assume you know everything else but what you do know. So right now, I'm going with something more modest.
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  • cranor

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    2011-04-10 16-49-08

    Hi sorry if I came on like a jack-ass..... One thing I'll throw out there you may consider.. Many Many companies have in-house programmers.. electronics companies, mail order, mailing bulk mail etc. One company I worked at had two programming mgrs and three drone workers. This was a distribution company..On another note, compared to your sign up time, I'm a wise here.
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    2011-04-30 11-00-34

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  • jayroe

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    2011-05-07 9-39-47-

    Bob, that is the COOLEST post ever! Thanks, I really needed that.
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    2011-05-15 23-23-09

    I bet.....
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  • redford

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    2011-05-20 5-16-30-

    that's pretty gay. kitty kat dance? gay!
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  • hayslip

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    2011-05-21 20-25-48

    Employers' response: we'll get right on that in the meantime, you might want to consider the following: 1) A help wanted sign only attracts those people who pass by it and are looking for it. We're thinking we'll get more responses posting online. I know, it's silly. Everyone drives down 6th street! 2) employers get hundreds of resumes. We also have other things to do in the day outside of responding to emails. Take our non-reply as your dear john. 3) we're sorry that you're tired of seeing the same post twice. We didn't take your feelings into account when we were searching for employees. our bad. Silly us. See, we realize that many people looking for jobs tend to ignore the older posts since they figure those posts have already been filled. It's our mistake that we didn't realize everyone in the world started looking for jobs at the exact same time you did. Still, you might want to consider ignoring those responses. There are better things to get pissed off about. 4) some employers want a Windows admin with some linux experience for the few linux servers they may have. Please remember that the job qualifications we post are sometimes a wish list and not necessarily a list of essential items. The windows experience may be necessary, but the linux experience is a nice to have (or vice versa). 5) Acronyms are there to make things easier on both sides. Chances are pretty good if you don't know what the acronym means, you're probably not suited for the position. 6) we're sorry you can't find a job down the street. that sucks. Maybe you can look a street or two down? Or search online? That 'help wanted' thing will, again, take some time to implement.
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    2011-07-03 18-45-36

    Actually, a help wanted sign costs less than a.. nickle. Piece of paper and some ink. It could even cost less than that if you recycle something previously used. As far as your bitching and whining, I suggest you grow up and realize that the employers aren't you mother and don't have to spoon feed you. Don't know what an acronym is? Look it up. Don't like the fact you don't receive a rejection letter, then don't apply for jobs. Until you realize that you aren't living in your parents basement and they aren't going to continue to change your diaper, you will continue to be in the same situation you are now.
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