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Pages: interview aftermath thinking [1]
Author Topic: Interview aftermath thinking

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2010-10-20 16-18-12

interview aftermath thinking Recently I had an interview, and I need someone to give me some input to see how my interview. What happened was the human resource mix up my interview time. So, I arrived 2 hours early. I pretty sure I was show up at the right time cause a buddy of me was next to me when she set up the appointment Of course I explained to the human recourse.( Well, I'm not sure that help or not given the fact that I had to drive all the way from upstate) the other issue was when I asked a question like "what did he think my skill set compare to other people in the department" He went like "I dont know that why we have this interview to find, and I am the first one they had interview" in return I said cause my experience that why I ask He in responded saying"You're Ok." In the end before I left the room I need to say I didn’t get his last name in order to get his business card for my thank you letter. Other than that, I think the whole interview went well. I explained what I can’t do, and what can I do. Now, I'm just not sure how much those things are going hurt my chance for getting the job?(special the early arrival) And, someone told me that since I'm the first one to interview which mean I am their first choice is that right? Is almost two weeks now, I am a bit scare on this. Please someone give some help on this Thanks
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2010-12-05 2-36-22-

Not 2 B Rude or Mean But U Really Need 2 Improve your basic writing skills. No offense, I'm not picking on you like I usually do with people here. But basic writing skills are mandatory in most jobs so please consider this a word to the wise. The other thing I might mention is that it is good you asked where you stand compared to the others but be aware many people will lie or remain neutral if they are not pleased or not impressed. Why should they risk getting into a tiff with a candidate when it is easier to just lie and let themselves off the hook. Not that you should not ask, just be aware you won't always be told the truth. Paul
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  • Trees

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    2011-01-20 7-02-51-

    HHP - See below Looks like you got a compliment!
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    2011-02-04 22-22-44

    Huh? Donde?
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    2011-02-05 20-36-46

    So I See, Thanks For Pointing This Out.
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  • Arne

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    2011-03-09 15-11-54

    I Don't Know How You Could Have 'Blown' It But it is also true I did not completely understand your post. I'm sorry to ask but maybe if you restate, clearly, your situation I might better understand. Others here may 'get it' faster than I seem to and may also have a suggestion or insight. Paul
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    2011-03-09 16-44-02

    Yes, or No type of question Ok Paul let me state it clearly in the following questions format: 1, was my early show up affect my first impression? 2, Like you said”he may not tell the true”, is that possible there is someone in this mind for the job already? 3. Was my question hurt my chance to get the job? 4, The interview was last Monday, If I having get any reply is that mean I can forget it?
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    2011-03-27 4-40-30-

    Here You Go, Best I Can Do 1. Showing up early- anyone who doesn't get that there was a mistake and puts that on you is just plain a jerk. If you are sure you were 'on time' then they made a mistake and perhaps don't want to admit it. This dumb attitude may or may not be evident in your future boss there. It may be you just spoke with an HR ass and that the department head will know better than to spend time on this. I can't guess how it will go. 2. Without knowing the situation I can't say either way although it is often true applicants may be compared to someone already there. It may be the boss is not sure if they want to give the job to that person and wants to see outside talent. Without knowing more, I can't say. It is also possible they may have seen another applicant they like better and just did not want to say that to you. 3. Your question as to how you 'stack up' to the other applicants? I think that is okay to ask but only when you are 'sure' you are a top choice person. If you are close to being like the others who apply and may not have an edge, I think that asking does not help you. Saying something about how you 'uniquely' are qualified or 'best suited' for the job is a better statement than asking a question they may not answer. Even reminding them you live close by and would have no problem getting to the job each day may be an advantage. 4. Yes, no reply means they are not interested. Most people want to follow up so if you are able to the person with whom you interviewed, that is fine but don't leave messages on that person's voice mail! If you get their voice mail recording, press the '0' button on your phone and then hang up and back later. They may have had a lot of applicants so give time for them to have interviewed all the applicants before ing back. In your case, without my knowing much about the situation, I'd say next Monday afternoon or Tuesday anytime is an okay time to . Paul
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    2011-04-12 1-36-19-

    Ok Paul. a bit more here Thank you Paul, that’s help me a lot. I had no idea about what is the situation in the company. In the beginning I was a bit surprised that they had responded to my application so fast. I email my resume on Monday and they ed me for an interview the next day. I thought it was a litter bit fast in today’s economy climate. Second, it was the interviewer reaction to my question worry me. The guy tone sound a bit funny to answer my question. Anyway, no body knows nows a day. The Human resource asked me to check back with her in a couple of weeks. She also said that I can do it in email. Since I got strong accent. I will email her on friday.
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    2011-05-15 4-50-18-

    OK, Well, Good Luck. If they tell you two weeks, a few days sooner. Not too soon! Just a few days sooner. Like one or two days sooner. Always best to . It may or may not help but it is always best to . And when you do, be sure to have a start date ready in your head so if they are interested in you and ask how soon you can start you can immediately reply with "Tomorrow" or whatever. Work on your language skills- the need for clear communications will not go away. Best, Paul
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    2011-06-04 10-32-31

    So, anyone I blew it? So, you guys think I blew it by this question?
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    2011-06-12 15-31-51

    My opinion is that what hurts you most is your English. Nevermind one single question. Often, the questions in an interview are only created to see how well you can respond. If you want to help your career - not just a job interview - take some English classes where you will learn to "clean up" your grammar. You obviously know lots of vocabulary, but you really hut yourself with simple but constant errors that are downright painful to native English speaker. You can't be hired for any position that requires customer interface or writing. Having said that, I have no idea if THIS specific employer cares, but most do, and even if you get the job, your long-term prospects are at stake.
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  • wisehart

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    2011-07-04 0-44-38-

    I know man I know what are you saying. I'm just a bit freakin out now. This is my last interview, and I dont see no more job out that I can apply for. When I freak out broken english show up.
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    2011-07-04 2-25-51-

    English - tsli01 See if you can take some FREE "English as a Second Language" classes in your area. Maybe ask at the public library. Consider learning English as an investment in your future. If you are difficult to understand, it will be difficult to work with you, no matter how nice or knowledgable you are.
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  • splain

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    2011-07-04 23-19-22

    Is the OP past ESL courses? I dont know the contnet of those courses, English being very much my first language,but my impression was that they are intended for beginners. I think tsli01 is way past that point, and needs a much more advanced course - one that would probably benefit half the CL posters. The problem I see is that he has learned English through practical experience, and developed bad habits that he can "get away with" on the street. But not on the job....
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  • rueda

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    2011-08-03 19-18-54

    explaining what you can't do? too honest IMO better to explain you are eager to learn these things, not you can't do them
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  • Jenda

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    2011-08-25 22-19-59

    I dont think that is a issue Well believe it or not, once I brought that what I cant do, the guy said that they dont even do this type of work.
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    2011-09-08 4-25-53-

    You didn't get it. In my experience, if you are going to get the job they are falling all over themselves during the interview. From your description, they aren't interested. The key indicator is at the end. If they walk you around the floor having you meet everyone then you're getting the job. If not, you're not. The reason they didn't answer your questions of how well you did is that they aren't supposed to. That's the way many companies get sued. The best thing for them to do to protect themselves is keep quiet. The only time I ever got feedback was from someone who closed the door to his office and told me he would deny saying anything. So it doesn't do any good to ask questions like that. It just makes everyone involved feel uncomfortable. If they were on the fence, then you are knocking yourself off it.
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