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Author Topic: I agree

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2010-09-21 16-18-54

I agree It was interesting. My wife has worked for the same place for 17 years, granted she has been promoted internally so she does not have the "same" job. She is comfortable though and afraid of change so when she gets fed up with the politics of the place she will not do anything about it, it is a source of constant frustration for me. She has great skills in her field, but her fear of change will not allow her to market those skills for a better environment.
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2010-09-26 0-54-23-

Now that i read what I wrote I realize that it is a good thing she has that kind of stability given the fact I am out of work and cannot find a job to save my butt. Maybe there is some redeeming value to having a job for 15+ years.
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  • trickel

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    2010-10-03 23-48-01

    Especially if you change too often If I see five jobs with a year or two in each, I know the applicant isn't going to stay with me for longer than a year or two either. I have no intention of investing time and money into teaching someone who will take those skills and move on.
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    2010-10-07 1-52-43-

    I see nothing wrong with change. I found when I went looking after nine years, I got the age old question, "What made you stay there so long?" It's a catch 22. You stay too long and they look at you as unmotivated. You move around and they frown on that too.
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  • Adda

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    2010-10-14 17-22-19

    That's your own narrow thinking and very common amongst those of you in HR. I have had too many jobs in the past 7 years and left not once because I learned something new that could help me move up the ladder somewhere else. Rather, I gave them 100% of what I knew, which in turn helped those who wanted it and pissed off those that didn't. Unfortunately, most in HR are either burnouts or just know nothing about the real work going on in the company, so perhaps it's time for those in HR to take the blinders off and realize that your company sucks and that many of your managers are liars who like to play games. FYI, I left my last job because my boss was an unprofessional and unethical party girl who condoned lying, cheating, stealing, as well as drinking on the job. She and I got into it because I had a problem with doing all of the work while she and the others took naps or went boozing in the afternoon. That was over two years ago and I'm still paying the price for telling them to shove it because I go to work to work and will not carry the load for the clique that wants to play. HR did me a favor by firing me after I handed in my resignation letter because I've been collecting unemployment ever since, but how am I supposed to get a job when the folks in HR automatiy assume this is a character flaw in me, and not the other way around?
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  • stepanski

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    2010-10-22 12-21-55

    maybe her staying is a good idea.... at least she has a job
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    2010-11-12 8-26-01-

    Most peeps work their ___ off Most peeps spend their own time and money obtaining further education or certification for their job. Most peeps work 60-70 hours per week if they are salaried. Most peeps don't watch very much television, date, have children or anything that diverts their attention away from work. Most peeps treat their jobs better than they treat their family or friends. The only peeps who sit around doing/learning nothing are government workers. Everyone else works their ass off.
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  • dunlap

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    2011-02-07 20-18-12

    I've had one job 20 and another 10 Your job is what you make it. I haven't become stagnant and set in my ways - you really can't be with changing technology. I don't need your respect - like I said I am comfortable in my job - I make 90K at my current job and been here 10 years. I started at 50K - so as a second "career" I'm doing pretty dang good. I suspect there are alot more of people like me. Like I said, the job is what you make it - you tie up your self worth in your job you'll be miserable. Kinda a harsh professionally immature thought to say that dedicated people who like their job can't grow or earn what they are worth don't you think? Just my 2 cents.
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    2011-02-08 6-50-19-

    There are a few 'schools of thought'. I was brought up to 'find a good company and stay there' In most high tech fields it's better to work 5 or 6 years and move on, sideways, up or out. It keeps you current with technology and your pay scale grows faster too. It can work to your benefit too. Staying with the same company and moving around gets you noticed as someone who likes a challenge, as long as it's not every 6 months. I have been able to do that, change companies every 3 to 6 years, but lately, with being layed off as the 'last one in...first one out'. Lately, the last 6 years, companies have shut down, moved or down sized so drastiy even the long timers, 10+ have been eliminated.
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    2011-02-18 13-37-45

    I am here two years and yet there are others who've been here longer and all they do is grunt and complain. I ask them how long they've been here and the answer is always over 5 years with most. Yet they won't move around. I used to be like that and I hated myself for it. I tell you something else I've noticed. The longer you've stayed, the more invisible you become while the newbies who come in get the perks and advancement. I see it here and I saw it at my last place which is why I over came my fear and ran.
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    2011-02-19 6-01-39-

    I think you are right about being noticed I think that the longer a person is in a position they get overlooked. That said, I also think the person has some blame as they get comfortable and feel secure so they may not work as hard to impress. Also, new employees may feel like they have more to prove and they are typiy under closer scrutiny so their accomplishments (and failures) are noticed more readily.
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    2011-03-08 10-38-40

    Complainers are everywhere! It's good to move around and not become one of 'them' or become 'invisible' New comers get the perks! I can relate to that! I worked with a MIT graduate, hired for almost the same money I was making. I was there 2 years and I'm not a MIT grad but this 'wet behind the ears' kid didn't know what his 'stock options' were or what they were worth. I whipped out my calculator (he didn't have one on him!) and showed him he made about $200 in 3 months. If you have a job, stick it out, better times will come agian.
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    2011-04-23 9-56-40-

    Automotive industry Coming from the automotive industry, specifiy the service department side, it is very common to see people work 1-2 years then move on (at least in Colorado). It seems, to me at least, that most of us get burnt out on the dealership politics and constant pay changes within that time frame. I have seen auto sales people that move around every 6 months. I think the industry a person is in denotes how many jobs are too many in any given time. My wife is in child care, if they someone with a job every 2 years they assume they either cannot get along with the kids/parents or they don't take direction very well. I also think that geographic location can affect it. Denver is a fairly decent size with it's suburbs and there are (well were) quite a few car dealerships to choose form for employment. Now take Topeka Kansas, much smaller, no suburbs and less than a dozen new car dealerships. Given that there are fewer opportunities there is also less job hopping. This is what I have taken from the industry I spent my time in at least.
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  • roland

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    2011-05-17 1-04-02-

    21+ years..... same agency in public service. Why so long? 75% retirement in another 3.5 years. And I'll be a whopping 48 years old. Yes loyalty does have its advantages.
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    2011-08-16 5-10-44-

    I wouldn't that an advantage because I don't have a government worker mentality, but as long as you can be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished in public service, and not just the fact you get to retire early because you put your time in, then that's all that really matters. I do wonder if, like so many others on the goverment dole, you will also try to get a fed or county job next so you get the second pension?
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