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Author Topic: Pilot jobs Nags Head

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2010-10-20 18-51-47

(If you would like to respond to this posting, please type WRITE FOR MOM in the heading, otherwise your to me will not be read and will go directly to SPA pilot jobs Nags Head M) I am many things to many people. In addition to being a full-time writer, a licensed high school Language Arts teacher, and the luckiest daughter in the world, I am also the full-time, , at-home caregiver to my amazing, beautiful, and awesome mom who suffered a major stroke on her birthday (!) last spring. To help raise enough money so my mom can get the absolute best therapy available in our universe, I am offering my God-given gifts for a nominal donation. - for a nominal donation of JUST $75 - I will completely rewrite and redesign your current resume, transforming it into a creatively-written, professional profile that will be unlike any other resumes from people in your industry. If you don't even have a resume - I can still help you for just $75.00 ~ just type out and me where you've been and what you'd done, any schooling, volunteer work, and the kind of job you want and I use that "makeshift " resume and still transform it for you into a jaw-dropping resume. In addition, I will write a cover letter for you from scratch that matches the new resume in wording and layout. Normally, my fee to rewrite a resume is $99 PER PAGE. I am offering to do this project for a nominal donation because I desperately need to raise the money to pay for my mom's hyperbaric oxygen therapy - HBOT - ($ per session 40 sessions) and acupuncture ($ per home visit). Please let me create a BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING, ONE-OF-A-KIND, EYE-CATCHING, PROFESSIONAL, CREATIVE resume AND COVER LETTER for you for a donation of just seventy-five dollars. I will even send it to you in TWO completely different formats - one format that you can to potential employers or print and snail out (or to take with you on your interviews) and the second format to post easily on CL. OR - for a donation of $ - I will do a FULL RESUME PACKAGE for you (I will interview you via to find out where you've been in your life and where you want to be, then I will craft an awesome resume, cover letter, and matching reference sheet from scratch for you - no old resume needed; in addition, I will give you 3 different opportunities to proof the work and have me make anyall changes you request; I will send you everything in an easily-accessible WORD format - all for a nominal donation of just $. Visit any resume website on the internet - and all their layouts look the same - basic templates jazzed up with some color on a border or box and some fancy fonts! You don't need a graphic designer, you need a WRITER, a wordsmith, a word surgeon, a word mixologist - to take your life experiences and your goals and transform them into a cool concoction that makes the reader want to know more about you. You will NOT find my customized layouts anywhere but in your hands! (So please don't ask me to send you "free" samples of my creative work; my resume packages normally sell for $). OR -for a donation of $, I will write a $ feature article about you or your business; you can use it on your website, in your press kit, marketing folder, or on a flyer to distribute to potential employers. I will interview you and I will give you 3 proofing opportunities on the feature article (something your local newspaper reporter would never let you do IF a reporter was interested in writing about youyour business) - all for a nominal donation of $. you can visit my websites to check out all my professional writing services and read about me and my family and see that, indeed, i am a real person! my website blueflamingoproductions is a brochure-style website that describes the various services. my website gettingfiredandotherblessings is an ever-changing website with new, informative content added on a regular basis. As you will discover when you visit my websites, I have been a professional writer with a professional, established full-service writing firm for over 20 years; I have written all kinds of projects for all kinds of clients (while all reputable professions, I am NOT a former salesman, ex-banker, past HR manager, or unemployed mortgage specialist now deciding to write resumes; I am a full-time writer blessed with the ability to craft customized, head-turning, jaw-dropping projects from scratch for clients from across the country.) YOU KNOW YOU need a new resume OR could use a feature article written about you. Now is your chance to get an amazing one WHILE helping another human being recover fully from a debilitating stroke. Hire me to create a goosebump-inflicting resume or article for you that will make you stand out from the crowd; make a donation and know that you, personally, have profoundly and wonderfully enhanced and improved the life of a girl and her mom while simultaneously changing the course of your own life. God has put you on my life's path right now, in this moment. Why else would you have picked this posting to read this far? You need a resume, you know that; I need to raise enough money to get my mom hyperbaric oxygen therapy, acupuncture, and continued physicaloccupational therapy (all of which her insurance does not cover). I am not posting this offer and special pricing to see how many projects I can get for such a nominal fee, I am sending this note out to the universe to HELP MY MOM - to connect with people who need a beautiful resume and who want to help me to help my mom because they understand (whether through their own personal experience or from knowing someone else) - the challenging and wonderful role of a caregiver - who understand the EMOTIONAL, PHYSICAL, INTELLECTUAL, SPIRITUAL, and FINANCIAL strength that is needed to be a caregiver - and the importance (for the person we are caring for) of ACTING AS IF we have all that strength even during those moments we may not. Your life's purpose ed; it wants to know what you are waiting for now, and if NOT NOW, when? Get a truly one-of-a-kind resume or article that you can send out into the universe proudly and confidently; help a beautiful person stand and walk again. I KNOW you will L-O-V-E what I create for you. God has connected me with many wonderful people through this posting already and they have all been absolutely thrilled with the work I have done for them. I treat every client, evey person, every project with the same attention to detail, creativity, time, and effort that I do everything in life - whether you donate $75 or $. surround yourself with people, places, and things that enlighten, uplift, and inspire you listen to your grandparents laugh a lot learn something new sit still catch lightning bugs get involved breathe deeply boogie under the stars listen to your gut nap taste a snowflake be barefoot turn on the light go outside love unconditionally drink water recycle forgive yourself and others vote speak out read one book after another relax go fishing with your dad listen attentively take bubble baths rub a dog's belly be joy-filled plant some seeds create wondrous moments walk in the rain send wildflowers tell the truth be kind to animals open a window embrace individuality hug your mom walk in the woods stand for something spend time with ren make a difference dance look in a lake make good choices shine stand like a tree be good to others believe in miracles (vf, ) IF YOU ARE SINCERE AND CHOOSE TO RESPOND TO THIS POSTING AS AN AUTHENTIC PERSON WHO NEEDS A PROFESSIONAL WRITING PROJECT, please type "WRTE FOR MOM" in the subject linearea of your posting - otherwise your will NOT be opened and will go directly to SPAM reporting. I don't have the time in my day to sift through hundreds of spamscam s filled with misspelled words and false statements; I am a REAL person, a REAL writer, and a REAL 24-hour, TWENTY-FOUR HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK caregiver - there are NOT ENOUGH hours in the day for me as it is to accomplish everything I need to for my mom, with my mom; I can barely remember if I took a shower in the past day or not. PLEASE, if you exist - if you are a REAL PERSON WHO NEEDS HELP WITH a WRITING PROJECT AND WHO will make A DONATION IN EXCHANGE FOR MY GOD-GIVEN EXPERTISEGIFT - contact me. I believe in the philosophy of "pay it forward" and know, firsthand, that the more we do to be of service to others, to help others, to make things better than how we find them - the more of God's blessings come back around to us over and over. AND HERE'S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT WHEN YOU ARE TOSSING AND TURNING LIKE A SALAD AT NIGHT WONDERING WHY NO ONE IS RESPONDING TO YOUR RESUME OR HOW ARE YOU EVER GOING TO GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT YOUR AMAZING BUSINESS AND SERVICES: you noticed and read my entire posting all the way to this point - you've read the whole thing. I can do the same for what I write forabout you. REMEMBER: type "WRITE FOR MOM" in the heading or it goes to spam report! and, most importantly, CALL YOUR MOM !!!
motivated sales professional…, chemical plant and system operators jobs Pevely, Canton NC

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2010-11-16 7-53-48-

At a low cost of $ a month, we can provi camera and photographic equipment repairers jobs Fort Devens de you with a dedicated employee in any of the following fields: Customer Service, Technical Support, Administrative Support, Legal, Accounting, Autocad, Engineering, Virtual Assistant, Sales, Telemarketing, Programming, Center Agents, Medical Billing and more. Included in the package are the office facilities, s and infrastructure provided at no cost. Plus, you can choose your own employee so you will actually get to interview pre-screened applicants with the skills you need. If you can't find the right person for you, you don't pay a dime. It's a win-win solution for you and your business. Reply to the indicated in the posting to schedule the conference with our Sales department
upscale restaurant hostess, training specialist jobs Conrath - Sao carlo, St Basile de Portneuf Quebec, Dennehotso AZ, Timon
  • Inventory and store manager jobs Newport news
  • hillen

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    2010-12-08 10-59-55

    Account Executives Wanted Available Positions at Electronic Payment S plumber jobs Adelaide ystems Did you know? In , 35% of Americans could not be approved for basic financing and this year, that number has gone up an additional 18%. That means 47% of customers are not able to purchase the products of services they need and as a result, businesses are losing customers which ultimately means they are losing money. Electronic Payment Systems is offering a solution to that problem, in the form of EPS90. How would you like to represent an in-house, same as cash, no credit check financing program to businesses? -Full time or part time positions available -Earn $.00-$.00 per sale -Paid weekly -Ongoing Monthly Residuals -Previous sales experience not required -Full training provided Contact Chad Hunter for more information! 1--- Or E chuntereps-na THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST!
    special needs summer camp, program specialist jobs - Pelotas, Kingsgate WA
  • Dancers jobs Stanley WI
  • arias

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    2010-12-20 7-56-49-

    SLES REP FROM YOUR HOME YOU CN DO THIS FROM NYWHERE WORK S MNY HOURS S YOU WNT pd r n wk rnn prdd w k fr fr r d77jb digital resources librarian jobs Chattanooga Valley
    looking for morning babysitter, employee benefits customer service rep account manager jobs Penndel PA, West Valley, Long beach, Brazil -
  • Are there any actual legit work from home jobs?
  • carbin

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    2011-01-01 8-37-43-

    Mortgage Protection Insurance Seeking licensed or looking to be licensed life insurance agents.50K+ PT & K+ FT available. GREAT lead system. . A rated Carriers Specia astronomers jobs Richlands NC lized Training Contact Sophia Fleming - resume () - flemingnaaverizon Compensation: Part-time- $50k+ Full-time: $k+
    skilled roofers, tool and die maker a jobs Whitehall NY, Tacoma, Heath Springs SC, Lausanne - Wilbur Park, Hortolandia, Long Prairie, Roseland CA

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    2011-01-06 13-49-13

    This is a rare opportunity. Rarely is a great opportunity as timely or as valuable corrections nurse jobs Aguas Buenas PR introduced early enough to those who have the fortitude to take action before it is recognized by all. The product service is currently paid for by nearly 80% of consumers in our country right now, but at significantly higher prices and under somewhat onerous conditions. This is merely �replacement sales� selling what most people already have, or that they want but are unable to get under the present conditions of the industry. Only 8 Representatives are needed to cover the Southwest Florida area. There are several million potential clients in this region alone. Only persons with the conviction to aggressively sell products and services that people truly want and need should apply. We will screen for the most aggressive, most ethical, most opportunistic and most capable of closing sales for a uniquely timed product. This is a Ground Floor Opportunity to participate in one of the hottest new business developments of our time. Please respond w a resume, or a short description of your: 1. skills, 2. Income & success desires, 3. amount of available time to work each week and 4. contact information (4 mandatory requirements). Only candidates who have a desire to make a six figure annualized income within 3-6 months for their dedication need apply. Please note: THIS IS A GROUND FLOOR OPPORTUNITY! VERY FEW, IF ANY, CONSUMERS ARE EVEN AWARE OF THE AVAILABILITY OF, ANDOR THE OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO THEM. AND EVEN LESS KNOW HOW TO PROFIT FROM THESE DYNAMIC SHIFTS IN CONSUMER SPENDING HABITS BASED ON THIS ECONOMY. THOSE THAT RESPOND AND BECOME SALES ASSOCIATES NOW WILL BE PLACED AT THE FOREFRONT OF HUGE OPPORTUNITY IN THE $4 TRILLION TELECOMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRY. BACKGROUND INFORMATION On December 19, the largest roll out of cellular service to consumers in history will commence. This new wireless service will revolutionize the way consumers consider cellular service on a global basis because this company eliminates every frustration consumers have w regards to current cellular service providers. For the first time, consumers will be able to enroll in a program that offers: *FLAT FEE WIRELESS PLANS that are inclusive of all taxes and other fees but still offer the full complement of features, *NO CONTRACT, *NO CREDIT CHECK, *FULL RANGE OF FEATURES including: UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE IN THE US & Puerto Rico, UNLIMITED TEXTING, UNLIMITED INTERNET ACCESS and more. The PLANS will be offered as low as $39.95 but max out $99.95 per month (which includes every feature availableprovided by any other service provider). Soon, international flat fee plans will be offered for as little as $9.95 more per month. All of the typical CALLER ID, CALL FORWARDING, CALL WAITING & CALL BLOCKING features are included on any plan purchase. In fact, the service will be provided by either of the two largest coverage area providers and cellular systems in our country (geosynchronous transfer mode or code division multiple access). Therefore, it is most likely that the consumer will be on exactly the same wireless network they are already using, only with a different billing plan. So.what is the catch? Only one. The consumer will not be expensing or subsidizing expensive billing departments, postage, envelopes and detailed paperwork and advertising to their box every month. The 8 Representatives will be compensated in a number of ways including plan enrollment, equipment sales, add on features, bonuses and other services. Early acceptance now will provide adequate preparation for December 19 launch. Training and coaching is provided. Respond now to earn top level income for making one of the easiest sales you will ever make: No Contract, No Credit Check Flat Fee Wireless service and s! Consumers are waiting to buy from you and will, the minute you inform them of what you have. Please respond quickly with the information requested above.
    assistant general manager hotel, metal refining furnace operators and tenders jobs Alto TX, Paramount Long Meadow MD, Cave City, Central Pacolet - Lovettsville VA, Boston IN, Pomona, Parrsboro Nova Scotia
  • Life guard jobs Somalia
  • Udaya

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    2011-02-19 11-31-16

    Control your own Business. I will help you pass the Real Estate license exam and if you do what I outline for you, you can make rection supervisor facilities jobs Greensburg IN $,+ in the next 12 months. It's time to take control of your business!! Dave --
    chocolate energy health drinks, utility maintenance mechanic jobs Sevilla, Campina grande - Union KY
  • Computer support specialists help desk jobs Deerfield
  • mcmanaman

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    2011-03-08 7-57-09-

    Business development agents needed for an individual at lift foreman jobs Jeanerette LA a busy office in Old Bridge, NJ. Must be well organized, neat appearance, and have the ability to conduct business in my absence. Right candidate must posess the ability to NOT get frustrated easily. Advancement to managers very possible. Very flexible hours (possibly 3 part time shifts) Right part timer welcome to apply. Experience is not nesessary and will put the time into training the right individual. Please copy and paste your resume into the body of the with contact info to the reply tab. Any resume that is an attachment will be deleted without being opened. Please title subject Business Development Position You will be offering a very helpful tool to high net worth individuals. This is not like loan modifications where you are asking people that cannot afford to make mortgage payments to come up with money.
    experienced cocktail servers, radiologic technicians jobs Rogers MN, Glacier WA - Trondheim, Lauro de freitas, Central, Chelsea MI

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    2011-03-09 15-12-08

    We are an International Comp claims examiner aistant jobs Sankertown PA any this is expanding. Due to the economic situation many companies are downsizing, however because of the nature of our business we are seeing tremendous growth & are looking for a few qualified candidates! Compensation will exceed 6 figures for the right individual! If you have excellent presentation skills, a friendly, easy going personality & a burning desire to achieve If you are passionate about reaching your personal financial goals If you posses a contagiously positive attitude If you are able to take initiative, be a leader & have strong work ethic If you are waiting for the right opportunity to come along, something legitimate that you can really plug into, sell from your heart & reach the income that you and your family deserve��. Please leave your name & number clearly at -- as well as a brief message outlining the strongest attributes of your personality. You will be contacted for a interview within the next 24 hours. Serious Inquires Only Please!
    account executive – technology sales – existing accounts (nc), agricultural technician jobs - Audubon NJ, Pleasant Hill NC, Boronda CA, Sao carlo

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    2011-03-16 20-57-16

    We are currently seeking a qualified candidate to join our professional team as a Part-Time Inside S inbound customer service senior without sales c jobs Tweed Ontario ales Telemarketer. Our ideal candidate will have prior Customer Service and Telemarketing Inside Sales experience. Successful candidates must have excellent people skills a strong work ethic and be customer focused. Candidates must also have excellent communication skills and a desire to provide best in class customer service. This part-time role will require an average of 20- 30 hours per week (with flexible schedule and reliable transportation). This position may turn to full-time. Responsibilities: �Schedule appointments from inbound sales inquiries �Provide general information on pricing and services to customers �Ensure equitable distribution of appointments to sales reps �Perform surveys as necessary �Promote and improve market share and closing ratio via knowledge, responsiveness, and follow-up with our customers �Convert internet leads into appointments via backs �Other functions as necessary Skills & Requirements �Computer skills (i.e. Excel, Word) �Ability to multitask, strong work ethic �Excellent oral communications skills needed to interface with customers other business partners �Ability to articulate sales benefits & company services to prospects �Strong organizational skills and attention to detail �Ability to work under deadlines and specific time frames �General aptitude for sales & customer service �Excellent people skills, ability to work with both external and internal customers �High energy, enthusiastic, outgoing personality If interested please apply by submitting a current copy of your resume.
    i need a rock star, general foremansupervisor productionproceing functions jobs Irapuato - Chelan WA
  • Technical services manager jobs Deweyville UT
  • Corrinne

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    2011-03-22 8-08-07-

    $8+$2(attendance bonus)=$10 per hour plus commission $$$$$$$$$ Must be Confident, Dependable an curator jobs Easton WA d Money Motivated Today, Start Tomorrow Hours - Monday - Friday - 11am - 8pm Paul -- Please leave message
    for hire web designersdevelopers, stone cutters and carvers jobs Oakland - Belo horizonte, Slate Spring

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    2011-04-15 5-36-42-

    Receive up to $ per sale   Become a National Sales RepSet your own scheduleWork where and when you wantResidential, Commercial, and RV's Contact radio jobs Brisbane us at .. or Apply at DirectSalesReps   mohmi-haos
    lowest cost security guard training. open 7 days walk in accepted, utility locator supervisor jobs Lakewood Park, Chanute, Chibougamau Quebec, Pireas - Oshkosh
  • Agriculture animals and environment jobs Barrie Ontario
  • montalbano

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    2011-05-07 10-42-49

    Seeking highly motivated individual for a sales position with a growin sailors and marine oilers jobs Franca g company representing disposable products for the foodservice industry. Responsible for growing sales through distribution to the end user Sales experience a plus. Salary plus bonus, car allowance and healthcare benefits included. Compensation based on experience.
    part time sales manager, paramedic 2 jobs Lenoir TN, Pavillion - Valencia
  • Marketing advertising pr jobs Mount Olympus
  • popwell

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    2011-06-01 22-59-53

    i need a job i live in sparta tn, rest retail hotel jobs Rochester TX - Santa maria, Brisbane, Oviedo, Pepin

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