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Pages: If your boss gave you a below average review [1]
Author Topic: If your boss gave you a below average review

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2010-09-21 16-07-55

If your boss gave you a below average review and wrote a bunch of things that you don't agree with, would you escalate the matter to his boss or HR? A few months ago, I was honest in reporting issues that affected my team's performance and ability to get the job done. For example, I was paired up with a total slacker who cheated on her hours, claimed she worked from home, but actually didn't do any work, and the work that was delegated to her, didn't get done. It affected me because I expected her to do the work and at the end of the day, there was no time for me to scramble and do it myself. In another example, I have a role where I answer questions from colleagues + I am supposed to handle a full load of my own tasks. With a part time shift of just 5-6 hours at the time, it was too much. People were constantly interrupting me and naturally, I was unable to complete all my daily tasks. I reported this to the boss, he gave some went a bit better...I told colleagues that it's better to email me their questions for later handling. Boss says my own work is my priority. I tried my best and also suggested more training for the employees who kept asking questions, but the boss countered saying training was sufficient. How could it be sufficient if they keep asking questions! Another thing I don't appreciate is that the boss used my honesty against me. I was wrote a progress report saying that at the time, I was tired and that's why the report was delayed. He forget to notice the report was sent at almost midnight (so duh, after working a full shift, of course I was tired at that time). He also "forgot" that he had authorized me to write the end of week report from home and bill that time. -----part 2 is next ------
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2010-10-06 8-02-06-

here's part 2 Anyway, he went back on so many things, he even blamed me for not following instructions when instead it was kind of his fault for providing unclear instructions and making assumptions. To conclude, I have a few options. 1-Go talk to HR and bring up the issues in this post, how the boss said one thing before, but now squarely blames me for certain conditions out of my control. I want the review revised. Now it's on my record and makes me look like a worse employee than I really am. 2-Ask for a joint meeting between HR+the boss 3-Do nothing. What do you recommend? I've been with the company for 3 years and this is the first time the boss got so critical about a number of issues that I thought we had resolved or that I had reported, but now I'm blamed for it. Note that recently, the management was blasted in an employee satisfaction survey which I didn't participate in, but agreed with much of what was said. The main theme was that people reported issues and proposed solutions , but they often fell on deaf ears. My boss is so stubborn it's not even funny.
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  • Zitella

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    2010-10-16 8-56-38-

    Instead of speak in person, use email as much as possible. That way, you got everything in written form. I had similar problems a well all workers at sometime in their working life.
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    2010-10-18 3-52-01-

    Agree - write a rebuttal What do you think HR is going to do? Change the performance review - highly unlikely since they are not your supervisor nor your manager. What do you hope to accomplish meeting with HR and your boss? To embarass your boss? Your whole post reeks of someone who is not stepping blame a number of people for why you can't get your job done - working with slackers, having to the survey, too many questions, etc. You stated that "this is the first time the boss got so critical about a number of issues that I thought we had resolved or that I had reported, but now I'm blamed for it." This sounds like there were issues that your boss talked to you about previously - have you improved? Perhaps your boss feels your job was to resolve what ever issues you reported rather than reporting them to him. You do come across as blaming everyone else is not making your job easier - and that is what was probably reflected in your review - that and that you can't handle it (based on your telling your boss how tired you are) Since you didn't participate in the survey that is a non issue here. RichardExpert has great advice. Write a rebuttal to your review stating FACTS only - keep the woe is me out of it and how it is everybody's fault. Have HR put in your file and move on.
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    2010-10-18 9-07-58-

    Been there... I had that experience at a job where my boss was just impossible to please. You could tell she was a very unhappy person and was overwhelmed in her work. Anyone working under her could feel the pressure. Anyways, she cited me for something that was complete BS. I had to sign the citation and was advised it would go in my file. I met with HR and wrote a rebuttal memo and insisted they place it in my file with the citation. I then left the company 3 months later lol. To answer your question, go for option 1. You should set up a meeting with just HR. Meeting with your boss will do nothing at this point as he does not sound very understanding and will likely be annoyed at the defiance. I would also encourage you to write a rebuttal of some sort...basiy write an official memo clarifying all the negative points your boss mentioned. Try and be as specific as possible and cite actual events or discussions that occurred. The point is to make sure your side is heard since there is nothing you can do to change the written review. Then, insist that the memo be distributed to anyone that saw your review and that a permanent copy be attached to your review in your personnel file. Hope it works out for you. Good luck!
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  • vigus

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    2010-11-30 5-35-17-

    reviews Same sort of thing kind of happened with me. Issues had already been resolved popped up on an Evaluation Memo. I had not been there as long as you, in fact only 2 months or so - but due to some other unfortunate circumstances at the place - I had no choice but to leave. Which I am certainly not suggesting that you do (just look at the stories in the forum - mine's just as bad as some). Try to not kick up too much dirt - and sleep on it for a few days prior to doing anything. Perhaps your boss was just having a bad day and was frustrated at other things. If it were me - I would "cool off" - and then rebut as the advice of RichardExpert.
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    2011-01-01 15-02-45

    Also initial every page in the corner
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    2011-02-14 8-13-37-

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