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Pages: Receptionist Job Qualifications are a joke [1]
Author Topic: Receptionist Job Qualifications are a joke

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2010-09-21 16-42-40

Receptionist Job Qualifications are a joke I was looking thru the "receptionist/answering of telephones job postings" on here. When looking at the job postings I constantly read in the qualifications section that the applicant must be "friendly, up-beat, cheerful personality, works well under pressure and detail-oriented". That's great and makes perfect sense. But why is it when I visit an establishment (i.e. the doctor, the mall, a car dealership) and meet the receptionist, MORE OFTEN THAN NOT, the receptionist is the opposite of those qualifications? Rude, acts like I am ruining their day because I require their services, doesn't answer the phone in a friendly manner. Let me say I ALWAYS approach a person in a friendly, professional and reasonable manner, (even if I am having a horrible day) so I don't give any feasible reason for being treated badly. I just can't fathom that these people have these jobs and are getting paid, while so many good people out there (like myself) have been laid off and are not working. HOW DO THESE PEOPLE GET JOBS IN THE FIRST PLACE when they do not display any of the mentioned qualifications? Do they just lie on the app and during the interview? And don't give me that "they are having a bad day, they are treated badly by their employer, they don't get paid well" excuse... it seriously gets old. Plus, I know for a fact that some of them get paid very well, do not have a very demanding job and have fair bosses... I've worked as a recepotionist a few times before and never behaved the way I see people often do at these jobs. On a side note, THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO ARE NICE AND DO MEET THE QUALIFICATIONS... WE NEED MORE OF YOU IN THE WORLD! :o)
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2010-09-24 16-35-12

Is it possible they are on their way out?
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2010-09-24 17-24-26

I suppose in some cases, yes... But other times It's people who have been there for a good amount of time (i.e. the people at my doctor's office). Seen them over the years and they don't appear to be going anywhere. One of them is extremely nice though and is the perfect example of what a receptionist should be. The others, I just don't get. Maybe it's a culture thing, maybe it's an immaturity/age issue, I just don't know.
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2010-10-06 3-44-41-

Who knows the story. All you can do is worry about yourself. As long as you are up to par, then that is the important part.
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  • stachnik

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    2010-10-09 17-17-56

    You're right I completely agree with you. I don't worry or think about it a lot or waste much energy/time on it. I just sometimes wonder how they get/keep these jobs in the first place. It's an interesting world, I guess. Thanks for you responses! :o)
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    2010-10-10 23-00-59

    At least Receptionists get paid All marketing positions regardless of skills and experience are now Intern only.... F$@% that!
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    2010-10-11 21-03-50

    You seem to spend a lot of effort judging other people. What the workplace needs more of is people who can restrain themselves from rating how others do their jobs, and will stay focused on their OWN job, skills improvement, and creating a positive workplace. Thanks.
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  • guyer

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    2010-10-12 2-58-41-

    Yeah I do, so what Before I judge others I ALWAYS take look at myself and how I can improve myself; at anything in life, not just my job. Your reply is just lame. Thanks.
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    2010-10-12 6-48-12-

    Furthermore... I am very positive in the workplace and have had nothing but positivity in my daily routines when I was working... ofcourse I've had a bad day here and there, but overall I was quite positive. :o)
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