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Pages: No back after interview [1]
Author Topic: No back after interview

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2010-09-21 16-12-58

No back after interview I went on a job interview last month. Interview went great. I was told I was qualified to do the job. I was told I would be ed back. Its been 3 weeks and I still have not heard back from them. I emailed the H.R. lady yesterday, asking for an update on my application. The bitch has not emailed me back. Fuck you H.R. lady. All it takes is an email with "yes, we are still considering you" or "sorry, we have moved on with someone else." WTF! I am mad, really mad. I have been unemployeed for over a year now and I can't seem to get a job. I have a B.A, great work history and not one fucken back from anyone. I am pissed. What does one have to do to get a job around here. Am I the only one here that feels this way?
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2010-09-25 22-14-21

pretty typical in these modern times. keep following up for awhile, but know when to give up. employers typiy dont like to respond anymore when a candidate is out of the running.
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  • bouwens

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    2010-09-26 5-39-47-

    No, join the club, don't take it personally The best thing you can do is keep looking for a job. Do you really want to work for a company that treats applicants like this? I am fortunately receiving emails after a position has been filled. It is not common with many companies that are overwhelmed by the number of applicants.
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  • basham

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    2010-09-30 2-10-01-

    No back after interview I thank you all for your advice. I am so so so upset. I just want to work. I will keep on applying and hope that I do get a back and a job offer. I hope everyone on here who does not have a job find one soon.
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    2010-10-01 10-16-13

    Two Things, Maria. First, never stop looking after interviewing; consider this process a 'hamster in the wheel' gig. Perhaps you know this already. Second, know that once three weeks have gone by you have been given the clue -by omission- that you are not in the running. Third, companies do not, as was said here already, send out letters of rejection any more- they cannot keep up so they don't try. Fourth, you interviewed during the Holidays and the hiring process slows down drastiy during Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is only the beginning of the first week- you may be in the running since this is the first week everyone is coming back to their desks, dusting off the paperwork and picking up where they left off. So it is possible you may still get that . Fifth, in the future, whenever possible, get the telephone number of the HA so you can that person back yourself. That way you are not a hostage to waiting. And speaking of HA's, see if you can target specific HA's instead of sending your resume to HR or applying online. In the meantime, check yourself or you will blow up in place. Also, look over your processes and see if there is anything that needs to be improved in how you are doing your job search. And don't forget to take a second look at your resume and see if it can stand improvement. Perhaps it is a 'job description' oriented resume vs. the 'accomplishment' oriented style? Bonne Chance...
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    2010-10-03 14-30-31

    Not so. Our company sends out rejection letters
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    2010-10-09 7-22-23-

    We send out letters as well.... but, as stated it is getting overwhelming as our staff has been cut back sooooo far that there are many hats to wear. Sending out letters is an "old" common practice which should still be practiced and we try to do so, but it takes time. We also have an auto-response to emails, but is just as bad, because many of them get bumped back as not deliverable, blocked. So no message ever gets through.
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    2010-10-14 14-04-13

    No back after interview In the past, when I have interviewed, they have usually told me that they are still interviewing and once they were done they would some people back. I am ok with that answer. But when I am told that I am what they are looking for and that they will certainly me back and then dont is what really gets me mad. Why would you biuld my hopes up and tell me you would me back and then dont. Thats what really upsets me.
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  • austine

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    2010-12-10 13-54-44

    try not to take it personally Some hiring managers are spineless losers who can't manage a "no thanks" email. Or they're just plain inconsiderate. Either way, it has nothing to do with you.
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    2010-12-12 3-41-23-

    Remember we just went through holidays. Hiring managers could be on vacation, your references could have been on vacation. The hiring process gets put on hold during holidays. I think you need to adjust your attitude, your anger might come across in your correspondence and you could blow your chances of getting hired. Just hang in there.
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  • Advance

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    2011-01-09 9-16-51-

    Couple of comments... first remember that while you interviewed 3 weeks ago there were 2 major holidays in that time period. Many people take time off and some companies do close. Just something to keep in mind. You say you emailed yesterday and the "bitch" did not respond yet. Well yesterday was the Monday following a holiday weekend. You do not know what her schedule was like, what other projects she had going, how many other people had emailed her or even if she was at work yesterday! Hopefully you were polite when you emailed. Many times people's frustration can actually show through in the email depending upon how it is written. Go back and re-read it to make sure how it sounded. Good idea - read it out loud! Also I hope that you were not pinning everything on this one interview! Job hunting right now is very tough and there are a whole lot of people looking. Good people with good credentials and experience. So...even when you have a really great interview at a wonderful company do not stop your job hunting. Keep looking!!! You also need to understand that most companies these days do not send out letters letters or emails unless you are the one being hired. You just have to learn to deal with that. Lastly you need to find something positive in your life which I understand may be difficult. But your bitterness, frustration and desperation are showing through. Yep...I know this is just an internet forum but you would be amazed how that will show through in cover letters, emails, phone s, etc. You need to put a smile on your face as that is what you want to show through at all times!
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    2011-02-20 11-26-05

    it's really hard to look for a job nowadays That happened to me too..i know Im really qualified for the job, answered 10 interview questions with a heartbeat..but still didnt get the job. Because, they also have eligibility list on their hands..theyre just trying to open the position for formality sake! Probably they also have someone in their minds for that position too! Well, red tapes also happen in US!
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    2011-02-28 10-40-24

    You are not alone... I just found out that my previous employer is hiring, I am involuntarily furloughed going on 16 months, they have me listed as terminated, no wonder I haven't gotten any s for ANY JOBS. SO MAD!!
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  • leeb

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    2011-03-19 16-09-08

    Do contact the person you interviewed with I have a ton of experience, but until I started asking the hiring managers what qualities the candidate had that they hired that others did not, I did not know how specific companies were getting on their hiring specifications. I think the feedback can be useful. I also found their were some employers that advertised a job, when they already had an internal candidate in mind to promote, and there was nothing you could have done to get the job. Some employers were also never satisfied and re-advertised the jobs several times without hiring anyone. Don't take it personally, learn from it, and until you have a job offer keep sending out the resumes. good luck!
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    2011-03-22 11-18-35

    absolutely! The internal-promotion-but -we-have-to-advertise-for-probity's-sake ads really get to me, they have us all do this work. Still, you never know, they might like you better than the internal candidate, or they might pull your res out of the file in the future - it's happened to me. Sometimes you can pick the 'bs' ads - I remember a local institution advertising some sort of contract thing probably aimed at a company, so some complex tenders and proposals had to be written - and they gave two weeks or less as a deadline. I think they also advertised it over the Christmas period, so it was pretty obvious that they already had someone in mind, maybe even an incumbent.
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  • cunha

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    2011-03-25 17-00-43

    Call or e mail and let her know in a polite way that you do not appreciate being ignored.
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