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Pages: Just got a - interview next Tues [1]
Author Topic: Just got a - interview next Tues

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2010-09-21 16-21-25

Just got a - interview next Tues but it's with an agency for a "client position" so we'll see if I make it past the agency "screening" lol I really prefer direct employer contact , but you do what you gotta do.
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2010-10-22 20-50-19

Bonne Chance, Opalie!
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2010-11-26 0-57-17-

good lord Just got another to say they'll have to reschedule and they'll contact me shortly I KNOW this is just an agency - but sheeesh - could they get their act together already?
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  • perry

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    2010-12-19 0-12-44-

    Hmmm. Maybe Another Agency Filled the Job Ahead of yours. ? Normally they would know what date to give you since the client would have told them what day s/he is free to see candidates. Sounds hinky and I'm feelin' jiggie. Not sure what else to suggest but I'll hold my breath alongside you. pf
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    2010-12-21 2-04-36-

    My Response Needs Amending But the Bottom line is the same. ...holding breath. What changed the availability of the agency consultant could be anything from the job being filled to needing to leave to take care of a child, dog or son/daughter. No way of knowing from here.
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  • sprick

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    2011-01-21 3-55-43-

    well their excuse was that I was still in their database from 06 and the recruiter I was with then is still with them so they had to put me with her for referral LOL Hey I'm just the bloody candidate here - wtf do I know ? =) All I know is it's one more interview than I've had for a while (even at agency level)
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    2011-02-14 7-32-10-

    If They Have a Real Job Order Then I Don't understand why they didn't just have the 'other' agency consultant see you right off. The sooner they make the referral, the sooner they beat out the other agencies with the same Job Order. These things are supposed to be done without haste. So they are either very out of synch or something else is going on. ....still holding it, shaking it Boss.
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    2011-02-18 13-37-41

    yeah but this ain't NY honey (or even Dallas) it's Podunk city and they do things a little strangely here....... so for now I'll just sit and wait for a I really hate going through agencies - much prefer to hit the employer up direct face to face so I'm not that fussed - but it does look like some jobs may be picking up speed again - it IS only the first week of the Q1
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    2011-03-14 2-50-15-

    However U C It, Opalie. Agencies R All Supposed to be operating with a sense of mindless velocity. The people in the employment agency I know or knew well were the best of the best who didn't even take time to breathe. In lieu of holding my breath I'm now on Oxygen.
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  • brita

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    2011-03-16 21-33-51

    re: Best of the Best Since you're an Army vet, tell me was it that branch of the armed forces that used the motto: Be the Best You Can Be?
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  • lones

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    2011-03-17 6-08-59-

    We NEVER Dump Files. Supah May Throw Resumes away but the employment agency business and headhunters never toss resumes. Never. What bothers me is that they have not ed you back in all this time. Assuming you have kept yourself current with them by pressing the Opalie flesh.
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  • constable

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    2011-05-28 3-24-53-

    not really they're not my "agency of choice" as it were - but "my agency" doesn't have any job orders right now...... meh - whatever - I'm a fatalist If it's meant to be it's meant to be.... time will tell
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    2011-05-29 11-52-09

    re: being a fatalist Opalie, I'm sincere in saying this, but I would really like to see you overcome your fatalism, otherwise known as defeatism. I think a lot of people here want to see you succeed, as your energy tends to rub off on the jams. See me rooting for Opalie! Yay! Otherwise I suppose you could explore options back in Australia as you mentioned....nothing wrong with going back to your roots. After all , like is a journey. Fatalism generally refers to several of the following ideas: 1. A flawed perception of the consequences of exercised free will, ignorance, and forgetfulness. 2. That free will does not exist, meaning therefore that history has progressed in the only manner possible. [1] This belief is very similar to determinism. 3. That actions are free, but nevertheless work toward an inevitable end. [2] This belief is very similar to compatibilist predestination. 4. That acceptance is appropriate, rather than resistance against inevitability. This belief is very similar to defeatism.
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    2011-07-18 4-42-41-

    Then My Fingers Will Remain Crossed. ....this Oxygen mask was starting to pinch my face.
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  • tracy

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    2011-09-11 9-00-31-

    good luck, i think things have turned around
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  • kmiec

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    2011-09-24 13-26-02

    Congrats, things are looking up for you p.s. may I email you? I would like to clarify something with you in the post apology period we find ourselves in now.
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  • maria

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    2011-09-24 15-06-43

    +5 for ya, I'll miss you.
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  • bichnga

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    2011-09-29 14-22-47

    it's JUST an interview and agency at that and we KNOW how those go....
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  • wiker

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    2011-10-02 8-14-22-

    yeah yeah, but still....
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  • burnap

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    2011-10-03 4-59-39-

    Weellll this one sounds ok I mean, you're going to talk about a specific position, you know? I think this sounds very promising! Cheers to you!
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  • stlaurent

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    2011-10-03 11-52-31

    Best of luck ...
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    2011-10-05 6-19-03-

    Go getem Tiger.
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    2011-10-07 0-36-34-

    That's great! I'm sure you'll do well!
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  • guin

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    2011-10-07 10-01-49

    Good Luck O, if anything it will give U... ...some current interview experience even if it's not a legit Job order.
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  • This just shows confusion:
  • asad

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    2011-10-08 1-48-23-

    Very true And at this stage of our lovely unemployment game, an interview with an agency is better than an interview with nobody, eh?
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  • frigo

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    2011-10-11 16-48-02

    Good luck, Opalie. I've read this whole thread. Could the employment service be poorly managed? Heck, yes. Could they have junior placement coordinators fighting over leads, to the point it necessitates your seeing only one certain person instead of the person it makes the most sense to see? I don't see why not. I've seen some pretty poorly-run outfits in my years.
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  • mandelbaum

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    2011-10-12 12-04-55

    Emp. Agencies are a waste of time I've said this before, they usually want to know your job leads. Jobs advertised by them are ficticious, and why in this job market would an employer pay an agency fee to hire someone? If you need interviewing practice go to a worksource office and take a class. If you still believe in agencies, sign up with another one that does not have a history on you. To see that you were job hunting in 2006 may not be a good thing to an agency. Good luck, Opalie, but I think you are better off responding to internet positions with your time.
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  • libert

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    2011-10-14 4-58-14-

    Not all of them. While it's true some seem like fiction, especially when you apply and the agency never even s you back (happened to me for a position I had years of experience in), I did have a couple of legit leads, including an interview set up by an agency.
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