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Pages: Feedback on Business Idea [1]
Author Topic: Feedback on Business Idea

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2010-09-21 16-41-29

Feedback on Business Idea As a job hunter, would you hire someone dedicated to do the job hunting for you? I'm tossing around a new business idea where I would do the leg work for job hunters (resume writing, setting up job board accounts (monitoring jobs and submitting resumes), working with companies and recruiters. The benefits to clients would be 1) ability to job hunt anonymously, if desired 2) ability to have someone else do the grunt work and 3) knowing you had a dedicated supporter in your job hunt. Feedback please. Good idea? Bad idea? How much would you pay for this service? What would be your expectations as a client? Thanks
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2010-10-02 16-30-02

a little test first: "Objective" on a resume. Good or bad idea?
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  • Mkt

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    2010-10-02 17-41-40

    hope I pass Objectives are excellent for the individual, but it is often too constricting for the potential employer. Many of us hold skills above and beyond what we'd "like" to do. Instead, I recommend a "Summary of Qualifications" that highlight the variety of skills that the job hunter has. The reality is that potential employers don't read cover letters (where you can also put in your "objectives") and they scan your resume.
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  • fong

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    2010-10-03 12-20-04

    temp or employment agency Except for the resume writing temp/employment agencies pretty much do that.
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    2010-10-07 2-29-01-

    Be aware of your competition though My former employer provided a very similar service, with a few differences. They provided a set of resumes and letters, did distributions to potential employers and recruiters, provided interviewing coaching, and have a large research and published openings portal at They charged a minimum of $6500 for the complete service package, with higher prices for higher-income clients. You will need full access to Selectory and other subscriptions to isolate and identify potential employers, which can be pretty pricy if you are looking at more than a very local market. How will you get your clients in front of employers? I have seen fax, email and first-class mail all used with varying cost and degrees of success. The anonymous concept has been tried before, most notably by which masked email addresses and names with nicknames like "Gadball123456" but they flooded the market so quickly that I think no one ever read any of those resumes. Identity and personal branding work against anonymity, since employers often want to Google prospects to see what they can find from them. Finally, how will you guarantee the service? ITS guaranteed the services, but not the results. If a client doesn't participate, and waits for a job to be delivered to him, he will never get a job, no matter how much you do for him. Will you charge a fee upfront, to cover your time and costs with getting the client launched, or hope to collect from him at the end? If he gets a job, you have to hope he will pay; if he doesn't, you probably donated your time and money with nothing to show for it. There may be an automated/mechanized way to do this, but as much as websites vary, it would be a real challenge. Good luck with your business.
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  • Sheree

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    2010-10-15 2-40-54-

    Objectives are more important than ever now There is so much noice these days with resumes coming from job boards, via email, etc, and with recruiters blasting resumes all over the place ... that you need a crisp objective to help the hiring person know what you're looking for. Without an objective, they might look at your jobs and skills, and get the wrong impression on what you want and/or can do.
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    2010-10-18 1-32-17-

    correction: noise, not noice
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  • linstrom

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    2010-10-21 20-26-14

    Great idea My father-in-law just retired from this type of work. He is the founder/owner of a company "Mannard & Associates" in the northern subburbs of Illinois. His company finds candidates for companies that are looking for individuals to fill high end positions. He does the looking/interviewing for the companies and they pay him for it. It must do well because he is now semi-retired and purchased a million dollar retirement home.
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  • osterhoudt

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    2010-10-29 0-51-42-

    so your father in law was a recruiter thats not really a groundbreaking profession
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  • ludwiga

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    2010-11-12 2-49-26-

    I can use your service I work full time at the same time i am looking for a job in Houston. I am finding it hard because my current job is very demanding, sometimes i dont leave work till 8pm and when i get home all i want to do is take a shower and go to bed. I would love someone to do the searching for me and let me know who to , so i can spend my lunch time making phone s.
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    2011-03-16 22-07-53

    Thanks for the feedback Hi everyone and thanks for your feedback. I'm only noodling the idea around but you've given me great ideas to keep in mind. Along these lines, I've thought of an alternate strategy. Basiy, since my real passion is the business of music (especially supporting indie acts) I'm thinking of starting a freelance Band Manager business instead. Same concepts with a recruiting agency and taking the work out of finding work, just with a different twist. Any thoughts on this?
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  • michals

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    2011-04-09 5-50-51-

    so you want to be a head hunter???
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