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Pages: I need work in computer field URGENTLY. $10+hr [1]
Author Topic: I need work in computer field URGENTLY. $10+hr

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2010-10-20 16-17-35

I need work in computer field URGENTLY. $10+hr I started computers in 1986 and taught myself the basic programming language. I can build computers and take them apart. I can install almost any device and repair most operating systems problems. I am now into Ubuntu from Linux/Unix but I know a great deal about Windows systems up to XP. I do NOT have Vista experience but from XP back to DOS 5.0 I have complete experience. I work very well with the public and always maintain a professional, positive demeanor. I do not curse, drink, or smoke and am very strict on punctuality and loyalty. I do not like people who are not trustworthy and am a good person to have aboard to sniff out the thieves because I despise theft. I simply lack the certification to be hired for certification-required computer jobs but can do that same work if trusted to try. I do not program, however I can understand computer code and Visual Basic code to a beginner's level because I have since stopped programming since VB 3.0. I really need to be given a chance and I will not let you down. I will be a valued and model employee at all times and am very serious about work. I do very well to keep personal matters out of the workplace and can bury my own problems in a smile and a cheerful disposition whenever the need be. I learn at a moderate pace, not too slow at all, but not excessively fast either. I make up for that by learning very WELL and not repeating the same mistakes over and over as I only allow myself NEW mistakes as learning experiences. My wife and I are moving to a new home and we are restarting our lives alone together after 5 years of being in combined living situations. I really need to provide for her as her husband and I have to get out of the $8/hr graveyard shift I work now. PLEASE HELP.
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2010-10-21 17-26-33

no wonder you are out of work since you have NO CLUE where to look and post your desperate plea in an inappropriate CL forum. #1. LEARN TO READ. This forum is not for job hunting. #2. IDENTIFY THE REASONS SOMEONE SHOULD HIRE YOU. Being desperate is not one of them. #3. NETWORK with family, friends, former work associates, etc. #4. LOOK FOR JOBS WHERE OTHERS FAIL TO LOOK.
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2010-11-12 3-33-44-

Hey Fed #3. Good advice but you can't believe it entirely when a friend or aformer work associates says they will certainly keep an "ear open" for you. #4. Besides under a rock, where would one look in a place no one else has?
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2010-11-21 14-41-22

#3 & #4 #3. Of course you don't take a passive role and expect them to do your looking for you. What you do is ask them for other people you can talk to, and find more people to talk to yourself. That's what networking is about - not delegating your job hunt to someone else. Join clubs, charities, volunteer work, etc. to expand your contacts. #4. Everyone is obsessed with online job boards, and no one bothers to read newspapers or community flyers for jobs. But the job boards are FREE and therefore filled with crap. Companies PAY for newspaper ads, which more likely means they really want to hire someone. SO, for starters, check out print media. THEN: consider bulletin boards. Check with suppliers and/or customers to the industry you work in. Maybe its time to get religion and join a church group. How about your (or any) college placement office... who came on campus might also be seeking people with some experience. THINK ABOUT IT. Go to wherever your potential employer might go.
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  • vickie

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    2010-12-02 7-40-35-

    Hooray for you. Try being in a different locale Look the people I deal with daily are not the type you do and I do in fact talk to the customers who come in who have the higher-paying jobs and they are always informing me of openings and I've tried several already but each time someone certified drops in and knocks me out. I have difficulty in a classroom setting as I have honestly tried college twice already and once online... So this is not like my first attempt out of the bag. I will try anything and somebody will help me if God is willing to bring them into my circle, I just have to keep being persistant. I applied online to Best Buy and will them tomorrow.
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  • quarnstrom

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    2010-12-10 15-09-55

    If you wait for God to help you you'd better plan on being poor to the day you die. On the other hand, if you'd like to enjoy the things the world has to offer in THIS life, you'd better learn to sell yourself and not wait for God to send you a job offer. Figure out what it is that you have to offer that is different than others and how it would benefit your potential employer. THAT is your sales pitch.
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    2011-02-18 2-57-08-

    The Yellow Pages It's amazing the number of people who just look at the want ads. How much cola do you think the Coke Corporation would sell if it waited for people to post an ad saying, "I'm thirsty. I want a Coke?" So what does Coke Co. do? It goes out and creates a market where none existed before. It creates in you the desire to quench your thirst with Coke. Jobseekers should do something similiar. Obviously, million-dollar TV spots are out of the question, but approaching local companies isn't. Make a list of companies from the Yellow Pages or some other business directory, and approach them with your cover letter and resume.
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  • Student

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    2011-02-20 11-26-00

    Total waste of time "Make a list of companies from the Yellow Pages or some other business directory, and approach them with your cover letter and resume." Like businesses that would hire you are just sitting on their hands saying "I wish someone would come in to apply." LOL! And the chances of them having an opening you qualify for are even less. But you have sort of hit on a thing to do - after looking in the YP etc, search online for websites of companies you would like to work for and see if they have a "job opps" page. There are some that never advertise for help because there are enough people finding their websites.
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  • Neysa

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    2011-02-21 2-32-21-

    It is certainly a waste of time If the jobseeker doesn't at least give it a try. After all, nothing to lose and possibly a job to gain.
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    2011-03-08 8-37-14-

    Oh wow you are such a calm professional! I admire how nice and considerate you are to a new poster. Your candor is excellent and you do such a great job of not alienating people and jumping on their cases for a simply apparant mistake. Oh WAIT! I meant to do that. You see, perhaps I made a small compromise in the hopes of actually getting something done outside the box. Sometimes its okay to bend policy if you are trying to achieve something worthwhile. I do not have the "official" qualifications to justify a resume and I'm not going to fabricate one because I am an honest human being who cares about coming by things fairly. I have a job and am not out of work, I simply do not make enough right now to satisfy my needs and I DO have a cap of what I feel is adequate because I am not filled with greed. I can do fine on $10-$15/hr and be HAPPY with myself... I just need a boost and that is all. So please try to be more considerate and professional next time you jump on somebody's post. I hope you work in a cubicle away from the public.
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  • sakata

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    2011-03-24 14-19-44

    Let's think about your post here Besides the fact you aren't supposed to beg for work here, let's dissect it: 1. WindowsXP is pretty close to being EOL'ed despite bitching from the public. Better start learning Vista, Linux and other OSes NOW. 2. With jobs like that, you don't need to work well with the public - in fact it may be better to hide in the shadows so you can actually stay there longer. 3. The fact you don't curse, drink or smoke and are punctual are moot points - in most environments that's sort of a given except for the tards on here who think that they can smoke pot and then cheat a drug test. 4. You can smell out thieves... useless skill for computer field. NEXT. 5. If you have stopped coding at VB 3.0, you'll realize that programming has changed imemensely since then - look at SOA for example. You are way behind the curve here. 6. Saying you keep your problems to yourself - yet another "yeah so" sort of qualification. 7. In this economy, you can't learn at a moderate pace - you need to learn FAST and bust your ass to learn it fast or even fake it till you make it. In the computer field, learning well is not as important as learning MORE. My best friend is getting s because he can play buzzword bingo - if you know one thing, chances are it's not nearly enough to surivive. 8. If you are moving to a new home, then you seriously need to see if you can actually afford that. Find an apartment or something till you can get back on your feet. Good luck to you.
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