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Pages: TIP YOUR DRIVERS!!!!! [1]
Author Topic: TIP YOUR DRIVERS!!!!!

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2010-09-21 15-47-13

TIP YOUR DRIVERS!!!!! I would just like to post about those of you who think you are above tipping those who serve you so you dont have to get off your lazy butts and serve yourself. Delivery drivers use their own car, their own gas, wear and tear on their own car, preventive mantaince, risk getting robbed and hurt, risk getting in accidents and their own safety, all so you dont have to even step outside your own door to get food that you didnt have to make. 9 times out of 10 the delivery charge does not count as the tip and if you are unsure, ask when you order! Even a $1.00 would show some gratitude for not having to do the work yourself!!!!
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2010-09-27 19-45-53

many times people simply don't have it i felt really bad when i had to hustle up money to have pizza delivered to me. it was raining really hard that day. i told the guy i could only afford to tip him a buck or two and he was thankful for that. i agree that some people are just bad tippers, but some people simply can't afford to tip what they should.
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  • gilday

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    2010-10-01 13-49-15

    i dont get it. then why would you be ordering from a place that is going to cost you twice as much as the grocery store? if you dont have the money to tip then dont order or go pick it up! simple as that! they are doing you a service. I know that i am thinkful when i get a buck or two. but its those ghetto acting ppl that give exact change that really get me.
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  • idler

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    2010-10-06 12-53-59

    do you ever get so mad that you key their car?
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  • seil

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    2010-10-12 0-40-00-

    haha i have thought of that a time or 2... among other things
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  • ebbert

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    2010-10-12 4-56-35-

    sometimes people don't have cars bf had the car at the time. even though it was raining i would have made my own trip to the store if i could have. i know its cheaper just to get a frozen pizza. but sometimes people have to do what they have to do. by the way i used to wait tables so i know where you're coming from. when people didn't tip me, i was more ok with it as long as they at least acknowledged that i'd performed a service for them. if they explained that they were broke, i let it slide and i told them that it was ok. more than anything what pissed me off what when someone didn't even acknowledge that they owed me money. i wasn't working 8 hour shifts for my health.
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  • towns

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    2010-10-12 6-00-37-

    on another note.... i have been in that position where i could not tip that much, but i gave them all i had. it really really gets to the drivers when you are delivering to the projects and some drug dealer pulls out a wad of cash 3 inches thick and then goes for exact change..... GREED!
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  • chawla

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    2010-10-13 22-50-05

    That's BS. If people can afford to order in, they can afford to tip. 10-15% of $10 isn't too much to ask.
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  • tremont

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    2010-12-14 23-42-22

    Yeah right... when they are NOT told of the delivery fee, fuel fee and they think that part of all of that goes the driver. It is a sting....I always tip 0-20% depending on the service. When I was a server, many years ago, I had a regular customer/couple that would lay out 5 one dollar bills on the end of each side of their table (back then it was a gold mine to have a $10 buck tip like that laid in front of you! But for every promise/mistake like..."I will be right back with your drink" which could be delayed by 5 minutes, a dollar bill would disappear off the table.... nothing said, no complaints to management...but when the day I go the whole $10 buck was a pay day! It only took me 3 visits from them to realize the service they wanted... and by the way, if they heard any of the other customers in my "section" complain about my service $2 bucks disappeared.... they didn't want something special only for them but for all the patrons! You bet the all patrons got the best service I could provide... I a got rewarded well for it! You work hard you get the rewards... I did then and I still do now... My family is also very respectful to those that serve us well, when we can afford to go out, and that is a lesson learned for all of us.... 10% to 20% is a lot if you leave a cash tip… They have to claim it now but that is up to them not me…. I hope that servers these days realize you get back if you give. Also, I have to say that I have/will quit frequenting anyplace where a server will open the secret bill/payment black folder with greasy “yuk” all over it and ASK me if I want change back…. Of course, I want my change back…. I am the one who decides if you get the 20% or if you get to keep the change that could be half the bill….. Ok, off the soapbox…
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    2010-12-20 14-01-13

    you are right... sometimes ppl are not aware if the fees they are charged goes to the driver or not. so i have decided to start informing them... "O.K. your total is $12.82 and that includes tax and delivery, but that does not include the tip." So you think that that helps? Not in most cases. I have found that there is a certain "group" of ppl that do not care if they tip you or not. 1/8 of the "group" will tip you, the others hardly even speak to you and when they do they say "HOW MUCH?!?!?! FOR A LARGE PIZZA?!?!?" that is when i have learned to say yes and if they continue to bitch, i walk away. i already know that you are not going to tip me so why in the hell would i stand there, in the cold, and wait for you to get done bitching about a price in which you were already told???? you wanna bitch about paying the price to be lazy, then i will not give you a reason to bitch about it any more. i am always friendly and speak to everyone and tell them thank you and to have a nice day, that is the extent of the time i am around them. they are not paying me for my friendlyness like servers are(at least part of their pay) they are paying me because they do not want to come out of their house when it is sub below temps and 3 inches of ice on the ground or the simple fact that they cannot afford a car cause they gotta get their hair did or get that bag of weed when they got 5 kids and living in the projects. it is really a shame to put labels on ppl but i have come to find out that it is the ppl the put labels on themselves......
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    2010-12-20 14-39-29

    It's the thought that counts Tipping one or two dollars wasn't a bad idea, I'm pretty sure he appreciated that more than not getting anything.
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    2010-12-29 7-49-40-

    nope...not if i dont feel like it I often dont leave's at my discretion. That's one of the gambles you take when you work that kind of job. If you dont like it, get the hell out!
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  • uliano

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    2010-12-29 11-02-38

    I was raised where tipping isn't the norm so sometimes I forget I'm expected to tip..... then again, back "home" people were paid a decent wage so the employers weren't being subsidised for the wages by tips - AND you only got a tip if you gave GOOD service........
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  • deaner

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    2010-12-31 2-18-31-

    sometimes i think it'd be funny to tip people who don't expect it. Like the nurse after a surgery. Lovely face lift, here's a buck for you. Or at Macys thank you for being quick about this.
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    2011-01-09 14-22-23

    My dad tried to tip his nurse when he had surgery. She refused and made sure she told the dr (the dr came in about 15 minutes after that). When my mom got there, the dr gave the $20 to her.
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    2011-02-21 2-58-00-

    wait, why did the doctor tip your mom? LOL!
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    2011-02-26 1-01-27-

    i tipped the guy at the gap for holding clothes in the dressing room for us. my friend thought it was silly, but he was so friendly that i felt he deserved it. that $2 probably made him be the best employee that week.
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  • yan

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    2011-03-04 17-51-53

    I'll bet he didn't expect it. A friend of mind gave a tip to a flight attendant when she let her sit in a vacant seat in first class. Get this, $50!!!! I don't know if I'd have the nerve to even ask.
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  • flom

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    2011-04-01 12-08-43

    That's the way it should be. Too many people these days expect tips - even if they have done a lousy job! I would suggest that perhaps people remember what a tip is. It is not required payment and frankly I'm fed up with the fact that it is expected these days. And it seems that more and more people are expecting tips.
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