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Pages: I am going crazy [1]
Author Topic: I am going crazy

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2011-12-24 12-25-16

I am going crazy I lost my job because I wanted to go to my fathers funeral and basiy my old boss said "its a right to work state" and now I am trying to get unemployment and they said that I couldnt because I was fired, and had no availability...what the heck i dont do anything but sit around the house and look for jobs on the internet...this world sux! I need a job before I get committed.
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2011-12-26 3-56-50-

collect scrap metal I'm sure if you look far and wide, you can find enough to put some gas in the car and food on the table. Other bills will have to go unpaid though. All that stuff you've been putting on the credit didn't need all of that junk anyways.
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2011-12-29 3-41-47-

Anybody want you to sub fheir newspaper route? Also, play an instrument? Play for spare change. Go to a bakery and offer to help the baker late at night, or check the donut shops for late night helper (nobody likes working graveyard). Find a food assistance group for free bread/cheese/what ever they supply saves you some money. Ask your family for a temp loan til stuff turns around. Always go to goodwill/thrift stores FIRST to buy essentials. Avoid all fines and charge card fees.
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  • printz

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    2012-01-06 8-31-33-

    that's right... use the car to salvage anything of value you can find. In the cities around here, anything left outside that can be scrapped is picked up quick. If I get off my lazy ass and pull the old water heater, cast iron heat exchanger, wiring and pipes from my basement, I might yield about $50-100 if I'm lucky. The trick is to separate all of the aluminum, copper and light iron and cash them in accordingly.
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  • Karie

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    2012-01-08 12-47-55

    I have been walking around my apartment complex and asking people if I can have their soda cans...sounds odd but I have collected atleast 5 garbage bags full of cans in the past 3 days.
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    2012-01-11 20-00-29

    right on... If they pay by the can, it's decent pocket money, if you can find solid aluminum, it's $0.25/per pound.
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    2012-01-12 4-50-25-

    yup adn loads of fun to just sit there and have the kids of the neighborhood just come over to my apartment and drop their cans off in a bag on my door. I can collect them even when i am not at home.
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  • uptegrove

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    2012-01-13 14-38-11

    that's nice when people look out for you I know the local scrap guys are out on the prowl,so when I have any scrap, like old microwaves, toasters, sheet metal, wires, etc...I just leave it on a curb in the city and it's gone in 15 minutes or less. They can take it in and add it to a truckload of scrap and collect the scrap value. Some CL people are big whiners and cry babies about scrap metal guys, but they are just jealous or simply not informed that they too can do the same thing. It's not easy money and it can be hard on your vehicle, but better than starving.
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    2012-01-13 19-52-27

    Funny, generally you MUST be fired to get unemployment. File for UI and stick to it. It is a retaliation firing for family leave. Check and see if AZ covers family death and Fed FMLA too...... File a complaint at local EEOC office.
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  • tetley

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    2012-01-13 21-57-10

    equal employment opportunity commission it is the federal agency that is supposed to fight and/or sue employers who violate the rights of workers. they might not apply here though... since there is no federal law providing people time to go to funerals. its probably not techniy FMLA either. but i think you should appeal the UI thing and fight fight fight. we all pay for UI, we should be able to use it. lastly, don't forget to write your congressperson and your senators and tell them what you think about workers rights.
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    2012-01-14 2-15-15-

    Right to Work State, true meaning of Go to the above link to read the truth about the true meaning of the term. Any employer that tells you they can fire you at will without justifiable cause, is scamming you. You can also quit if the employer forces you to do anything illegal or unsafe and you can draw your unemployment insurance payments. They will fight it but you will win your appeal. You will find that most employers that use, Right to Work State as an excuse to fire you are LDS Mormons, India nationals and Arab nationals among others, that invest in U.S. property but do not agree with U.S. Labor Laws and prefer to rewrite the book to their own liking.
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    2012-01-14 6-20-53-

    Get a surivival job (fast food etc) first while continue to look for jobs in your field. Take anything you can. Then when the economy is good, look for a decent manager and company. You might have to change jobs a few time bofore you find a decent manager and company.
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