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Pages: Is this legal? [1]
Author Topic: Is this legal?

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2011-10-21 22-34-53

Is this legal? My employer has a net nanny program that catches all our key strokes. I really don't care other than the fact that he didn't tell us about it. I found it by hitting the keys that open mine showing my friend how to open hers and ... it opened up the password login for the one on my computer. I check my internet on my iphone so like I said ... I don't care. HOWEVER ... Recently she installed 'alarm systems' around the office. Several of them have an 'eye' that she claims senses motion. The thing is the motion sensor is above it in the big white square. The little dark glass dot below it is a camera. We had these in another store I worked in. One of the guys climbed up and got the serial number of it and looked it up on his iphone and ... it's an alarm and video unit for sure. When we ask her about it she denies it but she did admit it to one employee. Is it illegal in the state of Florida to video tape employees without their knowledge?
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2011-10-25 5-06-58-

ouch not sure but don't do anything that you shouldn't be doing.
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2011-10-25 18-30-28

Naw I dont I have too much to do. I dont have time to screw off. It's just sorta the point. I thought you had to 'sign' something. Doesnt seem legal. Then again the owner is skeezy anyway.
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  • duffy

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    2011-10-25 19-39-52

    hey I worked in nj for a company that did not allow us to take breaks (we worked 8 hours or more) and guess nj as long as you are 18 or older...that is LEGAL.
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    2011-10-26 0-49-14-

    Really, that is shocking.
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  • caplin

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    2011-10-26 3-53-53-

    yes luckily most companies are ignorant of it. They think they have to give people breaks and do so.
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  • stupka

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    2011-10-26 6-02-45-

    I was just thinking the camera would be good to prove your case if you were being harassed or denied breaks.
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  • helm

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    2011-10-28 11-01-18

    lol good point
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  • elder

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    2011-10-29 10-14-24

    good that you are aware so that you don't start dancing or some thing. It could actually be for your benefit if you were to get robbed or something, but then I would think they'd make it obvious as it would then be a deterrent. We are all probably being photographed more than we like to think.
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    2011-10-29 14-40-16

    Legal? Prolly. Pleasant? LOL! Wow... Hey, I've got an idea: Why doesn't your boss give you guys enough work to do so that they don't have to watch you like a hawk? Or, bake some cookies and work on creating a positive environment such that peeps want to give the co their all? Think your boss would go for this? Jeez... Key stroke recognition? Holy crap - very taxing on the servers. That's over the top paranoia. I've heard about somebody who was literally writing a novel on company time. Key stroke monitoring was set up on his system (only) and he got busted/fired. Um...hope you didn't post this on company time...Big Brother can see that you're hanging with we undesirables on JobFo (:0| LOL! Wonder if anyone is watching me...what's that unmarked van across the street doing anyways? Cheers?
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  • carreker

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    2011-10-29 23-40-50

    yes but pfft I'm on my iphone. I had to use my personal email to try to get something to a client because the servers were having issues (duh, huh). I was pretty pissed to learn the owner now has my personal email password. Makes me want to do less for my company knowing that every time I wipe my ass the contents of the toilet paper are gone through before it's flushed pratiy. It really sucks when the clients email you funny or flirty stuff and you'd like to respond but you know she reads all your email. Not anything bad but flirting gets the sales in a bit. I don't feel comfy knowing she's getting off on it or something. Sleazebag I mean sheesh ... if you dont trust the people you've hired after 10 years (everyone has been here 10 years or more) then get rid of us. We have a ton to do. She's a control freak and thinks very highly of herself. As soon as I get my new car - 1 more week yay! - I'm going to start looking for another job because at least I have one right now.
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  • konieczka

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    2011-11-04 3-25-26-

    Control freaks suck Loathe them...yes I do. I can smell one a mile away too. What are they ultimately trying to control by controlling you? Death? LOL! They are pscho! One thing that control freaks never learn is that by trying to control everything - they lose control. Its just so crazy to witness one 'spinning out.' Server issues, eh? Now, why doesn't that surprise me? Look, the networks can keep track of what you're doing on your work 'puter. They can see what apps you're on and when. They can see what data you've retrieved, what you've logged into and when. What else do they need to know? Key stroke monitoring is extremely taxing on a company's IT infrastructure. If you're able to sneak an e-mail to someone in network admn on the sly, you might suggest that they suggest to someone else to get rid of it. I'm sure the network peeps will want to go for it. Your boss needs therapy. And - you're boss needs to be closely monitored by another. You have to keep an eye on control freaks because they have issues.
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  • rankin

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    2011-11-04 6-26-30-

    how about reading my twitter I am pretty sure my boss reads my twitter (which is blocked at work but she could find my page via my hotmail address, which she has). One night I was out with friends and the venue had wifi. I was on my ipod touch updating twitter. The spell check on ipods is annoying. I mis-typed the word 'weird' and the ipod thought I said 'weed'. Well the next day the boss walked over and slapped a drug test form onto my desk. I never do drugs, so I didn't mind going and peeing in a cup. She's a beotch with no life!!
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